YEONJIN Toptac-2000

  • User Friendly Software that can change test condition variables by user
  • Auto distance adjustment function
  • Real-time display of all measurement results and applicable for production system using network
  • Calculate mean and SD to display it in the screen automatically
  • No pre-processing is required. Measurement of adhesive is available if substrate type corresponds
  • Measure property of surface temperature using heating plate that can control temperature up to 80℃(default) at room temperature
  • Testing Modes: Tension, Compression, Adhesion, Peel-off, Creep Recovery, Stress Relaxation
Force Range(gf, kg) 0.1gf ~ 3kgf
Force Range(mN, N) 1mN ~ 29.4N
Force Resolution
(depending on load cell)
0.1gf (1mN)
Force Accuracy 0.03%
Speed Range 0.0001 ~ 5mm/sec (Max.15mm/sec available on request)
Travel Range Upto 650mm (500mm with tension sample holder)
Position Range Setting 0~500mm
Range Resolution 0.001mm
Operation Mod Tension Tension
Compression Compression
Adhesion Adhesion
Creep Recovery Creep Recovery
Stress Relaxation Stress Relaxation
Data Aquisition Rate Max. 1000/sec
Atmospheric Lab. condition. Dust and Splash resistant.
Operating Temper RT~80℃(Isothermal)
-20℃ ~ 350℃ with optional heating & cooling unit