Research center dedicated for R&D to provide the best release paper

R&D capacity

About silicone release paper, TKP has capabilities to serve you better and faster.

TK POLYMER’s dedicated R&D dept. provides test data and information of new product developments in cooperation with global R&D center and technical staffs of silicone vendors.

As long as silicone release paper is concerned, TK POLYMER can answer all questions most rapidly and accurately. Experts having professional knowledge and extensive experiences find the best solutions through various analyses and tests from raw paper to complicated chemical issues of adhesive.

LAB test

Release force measurement /silicone coating volume measurement / coverage and hardening test and related tests

New product R&D as per customers’ needs

Study on the feature of release paper by features of device / Suitable release features by adherence type / Optimized application sampling / decision of release force /peeling speed/ selectin of coating method by manual and automatic peel / development of prototype and progress of mass test / chemical combination / printing and slitting condition / packing method

New technology development
  • Product development that satisfies requirements of customers
  • Excellent products having high value added
  • New product and technology development using new materials
Securing industrial property right
  • Protect our products and processing technologies
  • Demonstrate excellence and uniqueness of our products
Best expert
  • Having key technologies from product design, coating to inspection
  • Reduction of development period by whole production process management and prompt response to customers’ inquiry
  • Quality improvement and cost reduction

R&D performance

  • 1989

    Introduction of solventless silicone

  • 1996

    Eco-friendly primary coating development (Non-PE release paper manufacturing patented)

  • 2008

    Mass production system developed for non-PE release paper of all kinds

  • 2009

    ISO 14001, Environment mark certified

  • 2013

    Introduction of high speed silicone coating machine

  • 2014

    Chromato-zene national project performed